Maidstone Mencap Clubs

Maidstone Mencap has been running for over forty years and is an integral part of the surrounding local community.

The charity runs a playschool and social clubs for children and young people with learning and physical disabilities. Many of the children and young people who use our services also have additional medical needs, are autistic, have difficulty communicating or challenging behaviour; any of which may mean they are excluded from other clubs. We try our best to meet each child or young person’s individual needs, including responding to their likes and dislikes.

It is important to highlight Maidstone Mencap is a separate charity to Royal Mencap; although we are affiliated.
Royal Mencap strategically campaigns on a national level for the rights of those with learning and physical disabilities; whilst local Mencaps are the operational ‘hands-on’ and ‘arm-around’ those who need help and support in local communities.