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Maidstone Mencap Charitable Trust Ltd.
Registered Charity # 1009677
Registered Company # 02672192

Gift Aid reference # XR8090
Accounting period: January – December

Monthly Finance Report

January 2021

INCOME £5.3k surplus
£16.1k vs a target of £10.9k
EXPENDITURE £3.5k underspend
(£3.7k) vs a budget of (£7.2k)
Overall, we are running a combined income surplus and expenditure underspend of £8,752.69 against budget-to-date, which is mainly due to three successful Maidstone Borough grant applications made by Teresa, totalling £6.8k, coupled with a £2.8k underspend on HR.
This is a very good start to the year, following an excellent finish to 2020. We already have the funds to finance the new aircon system, and, although we are planning for a deficit this year, I hope we will be able to finance other large capital investment projects, such as the work needed to improve the carpark, through kind and generous donations and grants from various supporters of the charity.
Mencap Ring-Fenced: £21,347.58
Junior Gateway (20/21): £0
Youth Club (20/21): £0
National Lottery Grant: £7,847.00
Baily Thomas: £3,000
Air Con: £28,906.50
Playschool Ring-Fenced: £10,710.57
DAF: £4,443.93
SENIF: £6,266.64


2021 Fundraising

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