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Maidstone Mencap Charitable Trust Ltd.
Registered Charity # 1009677
Registered Company # 02672192

Gift Aid reference # XR8090
Accounting period: January – December

Monthly Finance Report

August 2021

INCOME £31.5k surplus
£99k vs a target of £67.5k
EXPENDITURE £800 underspend
£59.9k vs a budget of (£60.7k)
Overall, we are running a combined income surplus and expenditure underspend of £32.3k against budget-to-date, which is mainly due to:

INCOME: A £31.5k income surplus against target, mainly due to unbudgeted and unrestricted grants from MBC of £8k and £2.1k; £4.9k release of SENIF funds from Playschool; £3k donation from William Brake to cover Summer Club costs; £2k in memory of Pat Wilmshurst£1.7k from Steven Cocks’ sponsored head shave; £1k from Maidstone Rotary; £600 from The Inner Wheel of Maidstone; £1,000 from Brachers; and £700 to date from Helen Grant (President). Also, we have started to receive income from hiring out the hall, which has brought in an additional £1.5k (all monies received from Senior Gateway have been refunded as they are still closed).
: An underspend of £800, mainly due to underspends on HR (£1.6k) and Fundraising expenses (£461); which have been offset by budgetary overspends on Administration (£565 for t-shirts), Facilities (£3.2k was spent on stonework repairs), Finance (£360 for Corporate Tax CT600 Return), IT (£400 for a new laptop for Hazel), and Marketing (£285 on a heavily discounted advert with Maidstone Football Club: usually £3k). I will see how expenditure pans out over the remainder of the year and may well readjust some of the department budgets.

Mencap Ring-Fenced: £31,629.09
Baily Thomas: £142.77
Air Con: £1,376.50
Golding Homes: £1,500
Cobtree Charity Trust: £551.99
National Lottery 5 Year: £877.83
Think BIG!: £21,600
Juniors SB’22 = £2,839.75
Youth SB’22 = £2,740.25

Playschool Ring-Fenced: £14,999.46
DAF: £8,161.96
SENIF: £6,837.50


2021 Fundraising

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